Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all!

It may not feel like it for most of the day here in Mississippi, but it's Fall Y'all! Our nights are finally starting to cool down and the "football weather" we have all been wishing for is here.

In celebration of this cool weather and the upcoming celebration of All Hallows' Eve, some of my girlfriends and I had a fun slumber party girls night and made some yummy treats. Thanks to Jess at By Lovely Design for being our hostess. She is the Queen of Halloween!

Yummy! Then, we pawned off all of the goodies on our husbands. Nobody needs all of that sugar.

I took my portion of the goodies to Jeremy at work to share with the guys at Bluephone. I'm sure it will disappear from the break room in no time.

I also decorated with a few of the cupcakes because I couldn't resist!

That's all of the updates I have for now. More Later!


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